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How to Expand Your Self-Improvement to Your Community

I’m really happy the modern self-improvement industry is helping people, but there’s a real dark side:

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How to Get Past the Guards and Breathe Again

I’ve never been much of a gambler. A strategist, a risk-taker, yes, but the only odds I liked to play were ones I could control.

My wife and I lost an unborn child last winter. Pregnancy and life itself is full of such low-frequency risks that we forget about: driving, eating at cheap restaurants, swimming, lighting a candle… Many things carry risks of disaster or loss.

Life is vulnerable. Precious.

Since that tragedy we have taken a few months to grieve and decided it was vital for us to both come out from behind the curtain, so to speak. …

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In these uncertain times, the most difficult trouble to navigate is how the shutdowns and restrictions will affect our kids. A little social and culinary privation is tolerable, and the missing work will ultimately be a speed bump for us.

But the whiplash from the day-after-day changes is frustrating for anyone who is trying to plan responsibly. When science is saying one thing, the decision-makers are often saying the opposite — and they often swap places and reverse their course.

We want what’s best for our kids. We want to be able to make a plan and get them educated…

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Don’t lose track of education in the midst of the school-closing chaos

With schools closing this Fall, it’s easy to be frustrated about everything you are suddenly responsible for as a parent. Take heart though: Without the status quo and the daily grind dulling their sense, your child will really be paying attention to you, their first and most impactful teacher. Properly used, this disruption can be a galvanizing, transformational time to get back to the most important elements critical to your child’s success.

Here are seven focal points as you make your plans to accommodate this crisis’ disruption:

1. Focus on education, not “school”

School’s point is education, but you aren’t sunk if they’re closed. Even before…

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Systems break down, but our children don’t need to miss out

Times are not easy, and with the elections just around the corner here in my home country, I doubt any comprehensive solution will present itself soon. Uncertainty and fear permeate the current atmosphere: inconsistent mask laws, conflicting reports and rumors, closures and reopenings and reclosings and job losses, looming threats from fines to CPS to health and safety as gangs and mobs grow increasingly bold…

To top it all off, many schools aren’t opening yet which means we need to educate our kids somehow in the middle of all of this.

It’s enough to make you feel powerless, trapped in…

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Promposity’s April contest is about drawing hope from this gray time

With thanks to Natalie Frank, Ph.D. for the prompt and opportunity this month. Read more about it here and join in! This pandemic has dredged up the tremendous fears and put-away thoughts of death and loss I buried when my wife and daughter nearly died to toxic mold in our rented space. Those same fears now echo in the eyes of those when I go to pick up food or my grandparents can’t see my child for fear of transmission.

Already I see that there will be another side — the current time is not the end. The sun will…

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Here are the results of the last challenge:

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Promposity invites you to contribute as we enter March

About a year ago I moved from the city I had called home for twenty-five years to a foreign place. A strange climate, a new community, and an alien role as the wide-eyed newcomer. We had what we needed, to be certain, but much that we had grown accustomed to was simply gone.

When you go on a journey, you leave behind the old and you return new. But you need to go prepared. You bring along tools and supplies to help you along the way and for use at your intended destination.

Journeys are a tremendous force, and one…

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Waking is alarming when you don’t remember falling asleep. One moment and he was back in the panic of the night, crawling out under the loose flooring his brother had pried up to sneak out and the next in pitch black.

Dead? Alder heard no more screams. Was it night and the torch-made hell was all a dream? The smell of dank earth told him he was indeed under the house. It was no dream. With the back of his hand he rubbed at his face, clarity returning with frightening specificity.

The smoke did it. Just like a warm summer’s…

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It’s hard to believe it, but the first month of 2020 is already history. As such, we’re following up our prompt about your dream writing group with one about an important day.

February’s theme is Anniversaries, remembrances of important days in your life or in the lives of a few characters of your devising. Birthdays, first meetings, weddings, travels, whatever moments ring and rebound in memory and continue shaping lives and viewpoints long afterwards. Here is one example.

In addition to personal stories, we are also looking for fiction and poetry on the subject. Do you have a section of…

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