• Rebekah Reigh King

    Rebekah Reigh King

    Wife. Mom. Dreamer. Encourager. Bus Conversion. www.thatcrunch.com

  • Anita Sud

    Anita Sud

    An educationist for 30 years, I have a newly acquired love for blogging and enjoy penning my thoughts and experiences. https://medium.com/@anita.sud66

  • Tammi Brownlee

    Tammi Brownlee

    An author, screenwriter and teacher. Sign up for my newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/2b1ebf3a6f70/thewritersbookcase

  • Raffaella Ferretti

    Raffaella Ferretti

    50+, Italian. MA in English Lit. Bilingual writer. Poet. Editor. Freelancer. Teacher.

  • Aki Stepinska

    Aki Stepinska

  • Claude Alick

    Claude Alick

    Born Saint George's Grenada. November 8, 1949. Writer of fiction, essays and plays. Wet Storage, Dancing With the Yumawalli, and cowardice of Eyes.

  • Stephen Moon

    Stephen Moon

    CEO of performance nutrition company. Executive coach. Startup investor. Generally curious. London based. stephenmoon.com

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