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  • John DeVore

    John DeVore

    I created Humungus, a blog about pop culture, politics, and feelings. Support the madness: https://johndevore.medium.com/membership

  • Alessandro Butler

    Alessandro Butler

    Editor of The Startup (https://medium.com/swlh) + Curious (https://medium.com/curious) + Geek Culture (https://medium.com/geekculture)

  • Teresa Costa Fraser

    Teresa Costa Fraser

  • Aki Stepinska

    Aki Stepinska

  • Kamrun nahar

    Kamrun nahar

  • Sarah P Jordan

    Sarah P Jordan

    Life Coach Cycle Syncing Aspiring Novelist Bus Conversion https://mailchi.mp/4521922ef9c1/coachsarah

  • Jonathan Fashanu

    Jonathan Fashanu

    Father of two. London-based. Engineer. Co-Founder of a Dash (https://dash.london) a Sustainable Design Studio.

  • Karin W

    Karin W

    Life coach passionate about transformative conversations. Deep people are my people. ❤ www.sailingbythestars.com

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